Software and web development

Software & App development Somerset, South west England

Fendorio is a family run business operating within the south-west of England. We specialise in developing cutting-edge software solutions for businesses.

App development

With a vast degree of experience crafting apps distributed to the consumer market, or privately business to businesses on both Android and iOS, Fendorio can help you achieve the goals of your app.

Web app development

Fendorio specialises in building bespoke web apps, i.e. websites that do interesting things, such as administration dashboards that aggregate your businesses data, websites that automate your business processes, or provide interesting services to your users.

Software solution design

With a wealth of experience developing a wide array of technical solutions, such as mobile apps, web apps, server-side programs, cloud solutions to name a few, Fendorio can work with you to design a solution for your proposed software idea.